20 Days Later: A Conclusion to John Fasana’s Attempt to Amend Long Range Transportation Plan

Last month’s Metro Board meeting started out abuzz over Duarte Mayor and Metro Board member John Fasana’s proposed motion to include all Measure R projects (including the Foothill Extension) into the existing Long Range Transportation Plan (approved in 2001), but it ended when the board decided the motion should be discussed at its Planning and Programming Committee.

This past Wednesday, the Metro Planning and Programming Committee met and continued the debate. Long story short, the Metro Board failed to act on Fasana’s motion – bringing an end to an attempt to fund the Foothill Extension and other ready-to-go projects that started 20 days earlier. This leaves us looking forward to a May or June date for the Metro Board to consider the 2009 LRTP. Perhaps they are thinking, you’ve waited eight years, what’s another 30-60 days?

At the Planning and Programming Committee meeting, LA County Supervisor and Metro Board member Zev Yaroslavsky made some enlightening comments about the Foothill Extension, including:

“The Foothill Gold Line is well positioned – better positioned than any other single line right now with the possible exception of the No. 1 priority project of the agency, which is the completion of Phase 2 of Expo – to move, and move quickly. It’s going to happen. I’m going to support it.”

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