A Year in Review: 2020

When building a $1.2 billion project through four cities, challenges are expected; but a pandemic…

Despite it all, significant progress was made in 2020. Thanks in large part to the dedication and hard work of the teams at the Construction Authority, KPJV, the corridor cities and the other project partners (LA Metro and other third party agencies) – from home and in the field – the Foothill Gold Line had an impressive year. Below is a summary of some highlights:

Project office opens in Glendora for Construction Authority, KPJV and community

In January, the KPJV team and many of the Construction Authority’s team moved into the new project office in Glendora, allowing both staffs to work side by side. The office was also open to community members who wanted to speak directly with staff and get information about the project or construction. NOTE: The office is currently closed to the public until further notice, but you can still get your questions answered via email or phone (see contact information at foothillgoldline.org).

Construction Authority hosts community open houses

Photo: Glendora community open house in March

Hundreds of residents and stakeholders attended the community open houses in March. Information was provided about what to expect with major construction, along with details about the final design for the project. While the fourth and last community open house was canceled in San Dimas due to COVID-19, the three other open houses were able to take place (in Glendora, La Verne and Pomona), and all of the information presented at the open houses was made available online. To view the information boards presented at the community open houses, click here (PDF file size approx. 22 MB).

Construction Authority and KPJV staff begin working from home to keep project moving

Despite the COVID-19 restrictions, Construction Authority and KPJV staffs were able to adapt quickly to working together virtually, allowing work on the project design to continue advancing in preparation for the beginning of major construction. Because building the Foothill Gold Line project is considered an essential activity, KPJV crews were able to continue pre-construction activities out in the field.

Major construction begins ahead of schedule

Photo: In July 2020, crews began reconstructing the Gladstone St. grade crossing

Major construction began in mid-July, starting with the reconstruction of the Gladstone St. grade crossing in San Dimas. Gladstone was followed by three additional grade crossings in Glendora (Barranca Ave. and Glendora Ave.) and La Verne (Wheeler Ave.). These four crossings were under  construction through much of the fall and winter.

In August, the Construction Authority launched a new interactive construction map page on the project website. The map page is a one-stop destination for all of the project’s construction-related information, keeping residents, businesses and interested stakeholders updated on where construction is active and areas to avoid due to long-term street closures. To see the interactive map page (which is mobile-friendly), visit www.foothillgoldline.org.

Graphic: Interactive construction map

Finally, this month, crews are completing the clearing of the corridor of vegetation and removing the existing freight track (which will be replaced and relocated within the rail corridor to make room for the future light rail system).

Photo: Two new light rail tracks at Gladstone St. grade crossing in San Dimas

As part of the crossing reconstruction at Gladstone St in San Dimas, two new light rail tracks are now installed through the crossing (shown in the photo above)  – an exciting end to 2020 and a precursor to what is to come in 2021.

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