All Aboard to the City of La Verne

La Verne has been called the “Heart of the Orange Empire.” Founded in 1887, this close-knit community has a rustic charm rooted in its rich history.

Orange picking is great family fun during the La Verne Heritage Foundation’s Spring Sqeeze. (photo credit David LoFink)

Take a tour of the city with the La Verne Heritage Foundation and pick oranges with the family during the Heritage Foundation’s annual Spring Squeeze. In the fall, the Heritage Foundation’s annual Pumpkin Patch Classic Car Show features family fun events like wagon rides, music and classic car exhibitions.

While you’re in the city, take a stroll down to The Habit Burger Grill. Many have trekked to La Verne for its charbroiled burgers and tasty malts – and many have even compared this eatery to the famed In-N-Out Burger.

A trip to this city would not be complete without a visit to Old Town La Verne, right off historic Route 66. Nestled in this neighborhood is the University of La Verne, one of San Gabriel Valley’s most prestigious universities. This private college is rooted in the traditions of its founders, the Church of the Brethren, where graduation ceremonies continue to be held. While you’re touring the campus, check out the architecture of the University’s Student Center. Teflon-coated fabric covers this unique structure to give it an eye-catching look.

Its own tourist attraction: The University of La Verne Student Center (Photo Credit: CIC Historic Campus Architecture Project)

This is just a taste of what La Verne has to offer… What will you do when the Gold Line arrives?

Our next stop…Pomona.

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  1. Erik G. says:

    “What will you do when the Gold Line arrives?”

    Well I sure as hell am not going to try to hike over 1.5 miles to a burger chain that has locations all over California and is not unique to La Verne.

    Not when Warehouse Pizza:
    is just a ten minute walk, tops, from your proposed station.

    P.S. Next stop is *North* Pomona, so don’t write about Downtown Pomona, as it is about 2.5 miles (almost an hour’s walk) from the North Pomona station.

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