Construction Update and Picture of the Week

At the site of the future La Verne station parking facility, crews this week completed the demolition of an industrial warehouse. In its place in the future will be a 299-space surface parking lot for Metro riders, as well as amenities for riders arriving by walking, bicycle, bus and drop-off.

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  1. R. Howard says:

    Let me get this straight. The MTA is eliminating parking structures at the new Gold Line Stations. In favor of smaller and cheaper to build surface lots; reducing parking probably by hundreds of spaces. Then like at the Azusa/Citrus Station you will put in place paid parking using paying machines that one cannot read in full sunlight. And of course, one does not need a valid ticket to enter the platform or the trains allowing the homeless and the freeloaders to ride for free.
    Then the MTA wants us to ride when we cannot find a place to park after 6:00 AM on weekdays, pay for parking and then put up with the freeloaders and homeless on the trains. I use to ride the Gold Line to work in Pasadena but the MTA has forced me off the trains with their poor policies that force paying riders away.

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