Construction Update: Construction Authority completes final phase of testing of newly installed freight communication system

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This past Sunday, the Construction Authority completed the third and final day of testing for the newly installed underground communication system for the freight line that runs through the Glendora to Montclair corridor. The new communication system was necessary to eliminate the use of the overhead pole line system through much of the corridor. The poles, which are located within the shared corridor, are now obsolete and will be removed during the main Alignment design-build contract to allow room for the future Gold Line light rail system.

The Construction Authority appreciates the patience of the residents and businesses that were impacted by the train testing.

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NOTE: Metrolink and the Gold Line are two separate systems that use different types of trains. The Metrolink trains in these pictures are diesel-powered trains that run on the same tracks as freight and were used to test the freight communication system. The Gold Line will have its own separate tracks and utilize electric-powered light rail trains for passenger service.


  1. Carlos Morales says:

    Why would you allow the signage be placed right in the Bike Lane forcing Cyclist onto the traffic?

    • Albert says:

      Hi Carlos,

      The blocking of the bike lanes was not intentional. The Construction Authority worked with the cities to find the best placement for the signs, taking into consideration the safety of everyone coming through the area – whether by car, bike or walking. In this case, the placement of the signs between the bike lanes and sidewalk curbs was the best and safest overall location identified, though unfortunately it did result in the unintentional partial blocking of the bike lanes due to the signs just taking up that much space.

      However, we appreciate you giving us this important feedback, and we’ll be letting the cities and our internal technical teams know about the blocking of the bike lanes – and to explore better measures in the future to prevent this from happening again.

      -Albert, Foothill Gold Line

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