Gold Line Bridge Wins Top 100 Architecture Project


The iconic Gold Line Bridge was selected as one of ArchDaily’s Top 100 Architecture Projects, joining a prestigious list of projects that the architecture site considered the most important and inspiring from around the world. See their announcement below.

ArchDaily Launches Top 100 Projects – ArchDaily


By AD Editorial Team

June 9, 2016

This year ArchDaily celebrates 10 years since it was first launched in Spanish as Plataforma Arquitectura. To commemorate, we sorted through the thousands of projects that have been published over the years to highlight those that represented a milestone for their time.

We also reviewed the most popular projects from each one of our sites – those that our readers highlighted through their many visits. Afterwards, we asked each one of the architects to send along additional material for their project, taking advantage of new technologies that exist and that can help our readers better understand the works.

The compilation of this material allows us to present our selection of the Top 100 Projects. These 100 projects make up a list of interesting case studies and references for millions of architects, students and specialists who are in search of the most important and inspiring projects from around the world. This section will have greater visibility on our site, exponentially increasing the global impact and opportunities that these projects can create.

The Top 100 list that we present today wouldn’t have been possible without the help of all of the architects involved, each of whom voluntarily agreed to send us additional material to enhance their former publications. Thanks to this new information, our readers can now immerse themselves in the project space through virtual models and interactive plans, in addition to viewing floorplans and images taken by some of the best photographers around the world.

As a source of inspiration for architects and students, one of our goals is to make design material available that can be used for educational purposes. The 3D models, which can be seen using the Sketchfab Virtual Reality plugin, the design files, which can be explored using the Autodesk A360 plugin, and the option to zoom in on the images to examine details, are all powerful learning tools.

In addition, as a way to help the thousands of architects that want to know what materials were used for the construction of their favorite projects, we have added a list of specifications that includes the specific products used for each project.

We thank all of the architects that have been part of this selection and we hope that this list is full of inspiration and knowledge for our readers.

View the Top 100, here:

Gold Line Bridge page:

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