Gold Line Extension Opening Has Positive Impact on Pasadena Transit Ridership – Pasadena Now

The following article appeared in Pasadena Now on April 22, 2016.

Gold Line Extension Opening Has Positive Impact on Pasadena Transit Ridership – Pasadena Now


April 22, 2016

Ridership on Pasadena Transit – formerly called the Pasadena Area Rapid Transit System or Pasadena ARTS – increased overall by three percent in March 2016 compared with March 2015, showing the impact the opening of Metro’s Gold Line extension to Asuza has on the city’s bus system, city officials said Thursday.

In one of the Pasadena Transit routes, specifically Route 10, ridership data saw a 22.5 percent increase during the same period, based on data provided by the city’s Department of Transportation.

In a report to Interim City Manager Steve Mermell, Transportation Director Frederick Dock said Route 10 – the Colorado route that connects to the Gold Line at the Allen Station – carried 14,539 riders in March 2016. Dock said this is the highest month-over-month percentage growth for Route 10 of Fiscal Year 2016.

“Route 10 had a significant service increase one and a half year ago which has still provided an average 14 percent increase over last year,” Dock said in the report. “This year, 22.5 percent increase is higher than the 14 percent average increase this fiscal year.”

Route 30, connecting Northwest Pasadena to the Sierra Madre Valley station, recorded a total ridership of 27,408 in March 2016, an 11.7 percent increase over that of March 2015. The increase also represents the highest month-over-month percentage growth for Route 30 since January 2014, Dock’s report said.

Dock also reported a three percent growth in ridership on Route 50, which had 5,147 riders in March 2016. The route connects the City Yards to the Gold Line.

Dock said this could be the effect of City Hall employees now using the Gold Line extension from their residences around Pasadena.

“We saw a dramatic jump in the free fare category that is attributed to city employees connecting from the Gold Line Foothill Extension to the City Yards,” Dock said.

Interestingly, transfers from Foothill Transit declined by 34.9 percent over March 2015. Dock said this may indicate that riders are transferring from the Gold Line Foothill Extension, instead of using Foothill Transit 187.

The department’s data does not include ridership statistics from Metro which was not available for the Gold Line for March 2016.


  1. Pattison says:

    Now how about running ALL of the trans out to APU, instead of turning half of them around at Sierra Madre. During rush hour, the Sierra Madre train is almost empty because most people let it go by and wait for the APU train instead, which is crowded with twice as many passengers as it should have.

    And God forbid you make the mistake of getting on the wrong train, or worse, the train driver leaves up the APU sign even though he’s turning around at Sierra Madre, forcing you to get off at Sierra Madre and join the throng waiting for the APU train.

    By the time the APU train finally arrives it’s like one of those videos of the Japanese train stations where the train is already full to standing room only, but everyone still wants to get on.

    If you run all the trains all the way out to APU, people are NOT going to complain even if they have to wait 10 minutes for a train instead of 5 minutes because we’re already doing that now. We wait 5 minutes and here’s the train but nope, that’s the Sierra Madre train, so we’ll just wait another 5 minutes and catch the APU train.

    Sure, you got the stations opened on schedule, but the extension out to APU is still a mess.

    • Albert says:

      Hi Pattison,

      We encourage you to direct your comment to Metro, since they are the agency operating the Gold Line and are the ones to talk to regarding service, schedule, fares, etc. We just build it. You can talk to their customer service staff at 323.GO.METRO (323.466.3876) or by visiting

      Thank you.


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