Gold Line Station Artist Spotlight Videos

As each of the six new Gold Line light rail stations begin to take shape, the station artists are hard at work behind the scenes preparing the artwork that will make each station unique. Each artist, selected by their station city based on their experience and concept, is developing artwork that will represent the history and culture of their station’s surroundings and community. In the videos below, you will get to know each station artist, along with the stories behind their station art concepts.

Click each video below to play, or visit the Construction Authority YouTube channel at

Arcadia Station Artist: Michael Davis

Monrovia Station Artist: Cha-Rie Tang

Duarte/City of Hope Station Artists: Andrea Myklebust & Stanton Sears

Irwindale Station Artist: Robin Brailsford

Azusa Downtown Station Artist: Jose Antonio Aguirre

APU/Citrus College Station Artist: Lynn Goodpasture

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