Those words up there weren’t just thrown together in an attempt to create some mental association of jobs, family, and happy riders with the Gold Line Foothill Extension (even though most rational people would come up with those associations themselves). Actually, those words represent the hope of a Pomona resident in a letter to the San Gabriel Valley Tribune:

Letters to the editor: A happy rider

I am awaiting the completion of the Gold Line Foothill Extension to Montclair as it will help me find a job out of my geographic range.

As of July 2, I became unemployed and I if the Gold Line was up and running, it would extend my job search and I will ride it!

Also, my tweens can ride it to their grandparents’ home. The sooner it is completed, the sooner I will get a job and the kids can visit grandparents.

Let’s get it completed, and make everyone a happy rider! Do not delay any longer. Happy times await everyone!

D.L. Slinger

Source: Letters to the editor: A happy rider

Happy times do await. Keep up the enthusiasm and optimism D.L. Slinger – and many others in the San Gabriel Valley.

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  1. Peter says:

    Direct quote from Bart Reed, Executive Director of The Transit Coalition, an expert on transit issues (and someone Albert could learn a LOT from):

    “While it’s great that there are light rail boosters in the San Gabriel Valley, there are far more important transportation projects in Los Angeles County competing for scarce transit dollars, such as the Expo Line Phase II, the Downtown Regional Connector, the Westside Subway Extension, the Crenshaw Corridor, the Green Line Extension to LAX, the Green Line Extension to Norwalk, the Wilshire bus-only lanes, installing positive train control on Metrolink tracks, fixing TAP and building a space elevator to the moon. After all of those projects are completed the Gold Line Foothill Extension will be at the front of the line for funding.”

    Beautifully put!

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