Now Arriving…San Dimas

Next up in our series highlighting station cities in the Azusa to Montclair segment: San Dimas. Most people may not remember this town was home to Bill and Ted, but it’s certainly a place to have your own “excellent adventures.”  Visit Raging Waters, one of the largest water parks in the United States, or Bonelli Regional Park for hiking, fishing or swimming at Puddingstone Reservoir.

Boating on Puddingstone Reservoir (photo credit: mbtrama)

San Dimas just celebrated its 50th Anniversary as an incorporated city – but don’t wait another 50 years to enjoy this Western-themed community.  Leave the tie at home and hit up Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse, which is famous for its savory Cowboy Steaks.  Or if you are looking for a place to enjoy authentic Mexican food while watching the game, then Zendeja’s Mexican Restaurant might be the spot for you.  Whatever your interests, San Dimas has a little something for everybody.

Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse

Home of the famous Cowboy Steak (photo credit: savemejebus)

What will you check out in San Dimas when you can take the Gold Line there?

Next stop is La Verne… drop us a line with your favorite local spots and we’d be thrilled to include them!

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  1. I want to drive says:

    Tell us if we can get to Raging Waters, Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse, and Zendeja’s Mexican Restaurant from Train station without cars without any difficult.If people have to wait 1 hr to get to those destinations, they are going to drive. If bus is late all the time and always more than 15 minute late, people will drive
    If there is only one or two buses running around the area, people are not going take the train.
    Let’s not forget, Raging Water closed at 6pm and 7:30 PM. Many foothill buses either have no buses after 6 PM or even worst schedule after 6pm.
    Do people have to look the watch and make sure they can get to stations by 4pm
    Also, people do want to go to restaurants to eat dinner (6 to 9pm) curfew time for bus riders.
    Let’s not also forget, all the bus agencies in LA have worst schedule at night (actually bus schedule in day time is also bad, but evening is even worst). How are people going to get to those places without cars
    Please, use your common sense
    Work with different agencies and make people go those those attraction without worrying about stranded

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