Time will tell

“YOU’RE stuck in the gridlock known as the Foothill (210) Freeway. It’s a weekday morning and as you inch across the Duarte/Monrovia border, you realize the nearest train line is still miles away in east Pasadena. Still, you dream of a better way to get to work.

One day, someday, that train will reach here, you think, and when that day comes you’ll be on it. You envision one of those signs that says: ‘If you ride the Gold Line, you’d be there by now.’”

If those words meant something to you, that’s probably because you live in the San Gabriel Valley.

On Wednesday, the Pasadena Star-News and San Gabriel Valley Tribune welcomed the announcement of new Metro chief Art Leahy in an editorial that was filled with hope that the Foothill Extension may finally get built, but, well-grounded in reality, knowing that the MTA has failed on several occasions to put money behind the line.

For instance, the editorial reminded readers and commuters that soon-to-be-ex-Metro CEO Roger Snoble, the San Gabriel Valley/Gold Line riding resident, last fall “gave us a song and dance about a Foothill Extension not being very feasible” and suggested that the heavier and less-frequently-running Metrolink service “swing into the foothill cities.” The paper didn’t fall for that.

Overall, the editorial gives Mr. Leahy the benefit of the doubt, based on his ability to “smooth territorial battles” while at the Orange County Transportation Authority. He was able to get projects built using Measure M transportation tax dollars. San Gabriel Valley representative on the Metro board, John Fasana, has high praise for Leahy, but even he is holding breath, reserving judgment to see if Metro begins to fund projects that are ready to go next year or continue to focus on those that will be ready to go decades from now. “Time will tell,” Fasana said.

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