VIDEO: Building the Lone Hill Ave. Light Rail Bridge

As motorists and pedestrians traveling along Lone Hill Ave. in Glendora have no doubt noticed, substantial progress is being made on the new light rail bridge over the street. Measuring 344 ft. long, it is the largest light rail bridge being built as part of the 9.1-mile, four-station Foothill Gold Line light rail project from Glendora to Pomona.

To better help the community and businesses understand this bridge, the Construction Authority is releasing a new video, entitled: “Building the Lone Hill Ave. Light Rail Bridge.“ The video, which can be viewed using the links below, provides an overview of the design and ongoing construction of the new bridge.

Featured in the video are interviews with staff from the Construction Authority and the project’s design-builder, Kiewit-Parsons, a Joint Venture (KPJV), as well as commentary by Glendora Mayor Karen K. Davis and Foothill Gold Line Board Member and Glendora Council Member Mendell Thompson.

Click here or below to play the video

Overall, 19 new or renovated bridges for the light rail and freight systems are being constructed as part of the Glendora to Pomona project. Four of these bridges will carry future light rail trains over major streets – at Foothill Blvd./Grand Ave. intersection, Route 66 and Lone Hill Ave. in Glendora; and Bonita Ave./Cataract Ave. in San Dimas. These four new light rail bridges are required by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to improve safety for both the new light rail system and city streets.  

We hope you take the time to watch this short video; and that you find it informative.

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