Voice of the San Gabriel Valley: Week 5

This week’s Voice of the San Gabriel Valley series is dedicated to the National Dump the Pump day. With gas prices rising again for the summer (and that economic issue going on), everyone’s trying to find a way to go about their daily lives without making any further dents in their wallets. We already told you how much you could save by using public transportation, but that $8,416 in annual savings for Los Angeles residents was based on when gas prices were somewhat (a little? kind of? relatively?) low. The most recent figure by the American Public Transportation Association puts the annual savings for Los Angeles residents at… *drum roll*… $9,915.

Link to full report: More Than $9,000 Saved Annually by Individuals Who ‘Dump the Pump’

So what say you San Gabriel Valley? Ready to dump the pump? We’re getting there.

“I commute daily from Azusa- Pasadena. It’s a ‘nightmare’ getting worse daily with traffic congestion. Please get the Gold Line built sooner than later!”

“Great job!!
Looking forward to visit my son + family that lives in Claremont by using (the Gold Line).”

“This is nuts. Get the trains expanded. Stop playing politics. We need the alternative sources of transportation.”

“There’s an old saying:
‘Pennywise and poundfoolish’
There’s no more time and money to waste.”

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