Voice of the San Gabriel Valley: Week 7

This week’s Voice of the San Gabriel Valley will be an extended one. How else do you fit an entire fast-growing region’s worth of comments into a blog post?

The San Gabriel Valley Joint Powers Authority had met right before the last Metro Board meeting on June 25, and we were able to get some comments on the Gold Line Foothill Extension from a few representatives from around the San Gabriel Valley. In addition to posting comments from the residents, we’re also posting what these representatives had to say about the Foothill Extension – along with their messages for Metro.

Francis Delach, City Manager for the City of Azusa, on the economic benefits of the Metro Gold Line Foohtill Extension – and why a large employer particularly favors Azusa.

Scott Ochoa, City Manager for the City of Monrovia, explains how the Foothill Extension addresses congestion and environmental issues, sustainable development, proper use of old land, and the hope for a world-class region.

Sam Pedroza, City Councilman for the City of Claremont, speaks about transit-oriented development opportunities that the Foothill Extension presents. He also comments on the progress Metro has made.

“Respectfully I hereby request Metro to expedite this long awaited project “Gold Line”.” My young family needs it now and even more so in the future.”

“It is appalling that one of the world’s greatest metropolitan areas can’t have a public transportation worth speaking about. Is anyone concerned about the future?!”

“We need the Gold Line project to be completed. Do you know how much air quality will improve because people will ride the Gold Line instead of using the 210 FREEWAY!!”

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