Construction Authority CEO Highlights Foothill Extension Connectivity at State Assembly Transportation Hearing

Earlier this week, Construction Authority CEO Habib Balian testified at the State Assembly’s Select Committee on Regional Transportation Solutions. Mr. Balian highlighted for the committee the connectivity provided by the Foothill Extension, as well as provided a status update on the Pasadena to Azusa and Azusa to Montclair phases. In response to his testimony, Assembly member Chris Holden stated that the Foothill Extension is an important project and a model for how to move projects forward.

In addition to the Foothill Extension, testimony was also provided to the committee by the Southern California Association of Governments, the Alameda Corridor East Construction Authority, San Bernardino Associated Governments and the Orange County Transportation Authority.

Here is a video of the hearing (note: skip to 26:45 to hear Mr. Balian’s testimony).

Link to video:

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