Construction Update and Picture of the Week


A test train travels across the 700-foot San Gabriel River Bridge toward Azusa. Testing began in Irwindale and Azusa in late June and will continue through early August.


  1. Thomas Witt says:

    Can’t wait for the opening. It will be a joy to ride. Completion of all the stations looks good. Monrovia still needs a lot of work with streets, parking and old original station structure. Would love to see that historic building brought back to life.

  2. Dave Riley says:

    I choose to ride metro rail when I can. I live in West LA and have found that taking the merto downtown is far better than driving and parking. I am looking foreward to the extension of the expo line.
    I recently served jury duty in a downtown court house. The best thing about riding the line was that the train left on time and you knew exactly when it would arrive. I was lucky that the red line terminal was walking distance from the court. The ride was comfortable and clean however there are some awful people that ride,(smoke, trash, scream, threaten,) and I feel there is a lack of security. One other negative about the experience was the lack of parking. If I got to the culver city station before 9am, I could find a spot but after i could not. I was late to court on the day the judge had us come in later.
    I recently rode the blue line to long beach and felt it could use some security as well.
    I avoid riding the metro at night for this reason and that I dont like to leave my car in the lot at night or walk to it.
    I have ridden the gold line to pasadena and enjoyed it. I am looking foreward to the opening of the arcadia station as I would like to take the train to the racetrack.
    The best possible dream would be to have a line from west LA to the valley to relieve the 405 as it is a nightmare and just going to get worse.
    I would pay 1/2 cent more sales tax for that.
    I say, scrap the bullet train and use the money for something useful.

  3. G. Hunter says:

    Great shot of the new bridge, with the 210 fwy, Foothill Blvd, and the old Paclific Electric Puente Largo bridge way off in the distance.
    Whay would I like to see?
    It is getting pretty scary on the Red and Blue lines.
    2. Build the Santa Ana line
    3.Convert the Orange line to rail.
    4.make a Green line that goes somewhere.
    5. Hurry up and finish the Expo/Goldline Phase two projects,
    6. Keep on expanding the Goldline East.
    7. We need a way to get over the Sepulveda Pass to the valley with out our

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