Construction Update and Pictures of the Week

After four months of reconstruction work, crews this week were able to reopen the A St. crossing (north of Arrow Hwy.; pictured above and below) in La Verne.

To learn of future construction activities that may impact you, sign up for Construction Alerts or view construction activities on an interactive map at

NOTE for Glendora residents and businesses impacted by the ongoing closure of Pasadena Ave. (not pictured): the street will be reopened early next week.


  1. JBN says:

    It is very curious the comments from a councilman in another city that was linked to your site where he said that the Gold Line is for “equity” of urban citizens. Where is the equity for suburban citizens that are being sacrificed where trains will run every 10 minutes backing up traffic and the skyline to view our beautiful San Gabriel Mountains banished at prime intersections with bridges and electric wires? This train is 20 years too late. Many people work from home now. The problem is with the trucks that clog the freeways. That problem has little hope of a solution. The Gold Line is not safe to travel with all the transients that have found a new home on it. When you can address the homelessness and safety on the train, some people may utilize it. Until then, the equity is not on the side of law-abiding citizens.

    • N says:

      Dawg what lmfao. A random blog isn’t the place to voice your concerns if you want actual action. How about trying to go to a council meeting once in a while?

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