Construction Update: First test of newly installed freight communication system a success

Grand Ave with Train and Flagger (Large)

This past Sunday, the Construction Authority successfully completed the initial phase of testing for the newly installed underground communication system for the freight train system that runs through the Glendora to Montclair segment. Sunday’s testing was the first of three phases that will be conducted to test the new system that will eliminate the use of the current overhead pole line system. The testing involved several trials with an active Metrolink train to ensure the new communication system would activate and deactivate the train signals at all street crossings in the test area.

Lone Hill Auto Center (Large)

The Construction Authority appreciated the patience of the residents and businesses that were impacted by the train testing.

NOTE: Metrolink and the Gold Line are two separate rail systems that use different types of trains. The Metrolink trains in these pictures are diesel-powered trains that run on the same tracks as freight and were used to test the freight communication system. The Gold Line will have its own separate tracks and utilize electric-powered light rail trains for passenger service.

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