LA Metro to begin paid parking at Arcadia and Duarte/City of Hope Gold Line stations on June 3

NOTE: Gold Line passenger service and parking are operated by LA Metro. The Foothill Gold Line Construction Authority does not operate Gold Line service or parking at the stations. Any questions about passenger service, parking or fares should be directed to LA Metro by calling (323) GO-METRO (466-3876) or by visiting The article below announcing the parking changes at the Arcadia and Duarte/City of Hope Gold Line stations originally appeared on Metro’s The Source blog on April 11, 2019.

Paid parking begins Monday at Hawthorne/Lennox Station; on deck are three Gold Line stations

By Steve Hymon

April 11, 2019

Paid parking will be implemented at four Metro Rail stations over the next several weeks, including the Green Line’s Hawthorne/Lennox Station beginning Monday, April 15.

At the dates in the table below, paid parking will be added at three Gold Line stations: Indiana, Arcadia and Duarte.


All stations will have the automated pay systems that are in use at other Metro pay parking lots. Riders will need a valid TAP card and either cash or credit card to pay. Parking kiosk locations are different for each facility but are generally located along pedestrian walkways.

You can also pay for parking online at or use the Metro parking app. The app is available in the iTunes store and the Google Play storeClick here to purchase monthly parking — the stations will be added to that page once paid parking begins.

Under a plan approved by the Metro Board of Directors, Metro has converted some of its busiest parking lots to pay lots. The reasons are two-fold: 1) the fee helps keep some parking spaces open throughout the day for transit riders, and; 2) the fees prevent parking spaces from being taken by people not using transit.

Free spaces remain in some parking lots on the Metro system, click here for the full list of free and paid parking.


  1. Elizabeth Matthews says:

    Paying for parking at Metro (light rail stations is no problem. What is a problem is that there is no parking available for the occasional day-time light rail rider. I am speaking particularly of the Citrus Station at the border of Azusa and Glendora, current end of the Gold Line. If I choose to ride the Gold Line (which I often do) for an appointment at City of Hope, I must have my husband drive me to the station and then later come pick me up when I return. This is extremely disappointing. It makes me think that Metro did not expect many people to be riding. I am hoping that when the Glendora Station is planned that consideration is given to providing enough parking so there is availability throughout the day. Please consider people WILL BE riding the Gold Line and will need parking. Thank you!

  2. R. G. Sandoval says:

    I also second the feelings of fellow-rider Elizabeth Matthews as she comments in regards to the parking situation.
    I felt a sense of pride and satisfaction when I first heard that we, at the San Gabriel valley, were finally going to have access to the light rail system. Ms. Matthews pointedly observes that most likely the authorities and planners in charge of this important endeavor did not foresee (I find it difficult to believe) the ridership that this light rail train would have.
    I do not remember ever hearing or reading, when in the planning stages and in the visits to the proposed cities where the light rail stations were to be installed and the plans were being laid out for everyone to see, that there would be a charge for parking (?). And one more thing, the last thing in my mind was the idea of running out of spaces for parking so quickly after the construction of the parking structures.
    I too, ask that the required planning be done to ensure enough parking for the potential riders of such an important alternative to transportation connecting the East San Gabriel valley with the LA Metropolitan area.

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