Foothill Extension Update

Habib Balian, who is the CEO tasked with overseeing construction of the Metro Gold Line Foothill Extension, recently sent out a brief update on a local editorial focusing on the federal stimulus and the status of Metro’s plans (or lack thereof as of yet) to approve the timeline for funding the extension:

The San Gabriel Valley and Pasadena Star News, in an editorial last week, made a terrific argument for spending federal stimulus dollars on a regional approach to solving congestion and improving mass transit in our communities. The editorial singled out the Metro Gold Line Foothill Extension as one of two San Gabriel Valley “shovel ready” projects that could begin soon and put people to work, if Metro would step back and take a bigger picture view of the transit landscape.

It’s been more than two months since Metro staff released a draft of the Long-Range Transportation Plan and no action has been taken. The Metro board meets on Thursday, March 26th, and we hope there is a serious discussion about when the board will consider the LRTP.

The Journey Continues…

Habib F. Balian

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