The $8,416 Question

What would you do if you had an extra $8,416 per year in your pocket? Because that’s how much you would save each year if you took public transit.

The American Public Transportation Association recently released a report on the average annual savings for public transit riders around the country. The average savings across the board came out to $8,498 – with Los Angeles residents coming in on the list at 15th with an average annual savings of $8,416.

Of course, this is assuming that you have some passable viable mass transit system in place that reliably serves your area.

Topping off the list were residents in public-transit-heavy areas like Boston, New York, and San Francisco, who save $12,428, $12,390, and $11,516 annually.

With Measure R having passed and the potential for the Gold Line Foothill Extension to be funded (it’s currently not slated to be funded in Metro’s draft plan), maybe one day we’ll save as much as our northern and eastern counterparts.

Link to full report: Public Transit Riders Save $8,500 Annually

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