Preparing for Work on the Final Two Deep Foundations

Early this morning, work crews led by Skanska USA, relocated the 300-ton crane and large drill rig across the eastbound I-210 Freeway. A dramatic scene, as well orchestrated crews first laid heavy timber beams across the freeway to create a protective path for equipment to cross without damaging the freeway.  Once the timber beams were properly in place, the drill rig  and crane slowly made the nearly 100-foot slog to the next work area in the center median, where the final two deep foundations are to be constructed over the next four weeks.

Above are three time-lapsed photos of the crane moving across (the drill rig in the 3:15 image was moved earlier). The freeway was re-opened at 4:30 this morning. This intricate maneuver would not have been possible without the cooperation of Caltrans and the CHP – to whom we send our thanks.

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