Voice of the San Gabriel Valley: Week 10

A letter from former Claremont Mayor Ellen Taylor was published in last week’s Claremont Courier and Inland Valley Daily Bulletin. We thought you’d be interested in reading it, so we posted it in its entirety:

As a former mayor of Claremont and a former member of the Gold Line Joint Powers Authority, I have been following the Metro Board’s delaying tactics for too long. The Foothill Extension (the Gold Line) should be included in the region’s Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) now, rather than subjecting this part of the county to further delays. The Foothill Extension will provide a connection of residents, workers and visitors between the San Gabriel Valley, the Inland Empire and Los Angeles.

The Foothill Extension will be a direct connection to the Ontario Airport, making it the first airport in Southern California where people can take the train directly to the plane. If Metro includes the Foothill Extension in the funded plan, these connections may begin to happen in just four years. In addition, building the Gold Line now to Montclair will be a boon to the economy, providing jobs for hundreds of workers.

Claremont has invested $67 million in retail and housing to create a transit village. Gold Line was part of the reason for the development and will add to full realization of the transit village. We are dedicated to smart growth and sustainable practices. Giving our residents public transit options for travel is a big part of this. Gold Line will bring more people to Claremont without cars and we are dedicated to and taking the steps necessary to make it a pedestrian and transit visitor friendly destination.


Source: Gold Line extension a sound investment; Extend Gold Line

Roger Chandler, City Councilman for the City of Arcadia, talks about what his city has planned around its Foothill Extension station, why his city needs the extension, the benefits it will bring and a message for Metro.

Uriel Macias, City Councilman for the City of Azusa, talks about why Azusa needs the Gold Line Foothill Extension, how the extension complements that city’s status as a college town, and why Metro should fund the Gold Line.

I work in Claremont, CA, and this line will enable me to ride the train to work, and also go a long way toward a greener environment. Remove the traffic log jam from the I-210.”

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