Voice of the San Gabriel Valley: Week 9

Lois Gaston, City Councilwoman for the City of Duarte, talks about the traffic congestion problems her city faces because of nearby freeways, the role of the Foothill Extension in solving those problems, the rationale behind equally splitting Measure R dollars, and how the Foothill Extension will help the entire Los Angeles County region.

Mary Ann Lutz, Mayor for the City of Monrovia, talks about her city’s 20 year wait for the Foothill Extension, the excitement surrounding the arrival of the Foothill Extension, and the sustainable development the city has planned around their station. She also leaves a message for the Metro Board of Directors.

This is essential. If we could reduce vehicle traffic on 210, 10, 60 & 90 fwys by 5%-10% those roadways would be functional again. I would ride the Gold line from my home in Claremont.”

I intend to use the train from the Del Mar station to the Pomona station once it is built. The purpose of the trip is for commuting to school.”

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