Voice of the San Gabriel Valley: Week 2

The credit for the favorable outcome of this week’s Metro Board meeting can be given to every San Gabriel Valley resident who has ever uttered those three prophetic words: I Will Ride. (As in, I will ride the Gold Line Foothill Extension when it’s built – hopefully by 2013.) At least that’s what Los Angeles County Supervisor and Metro Board member Michael Antonovich thinks:

“I have to give credit to the San Gabriel Valley people who kept showing up to meetings to lobby for this.”

Source: San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Keep it going San Gabriel Valley.

“Hurry let’s it done! More jobs, less cars, less smog, happy faces, the future is here. Let’s ride =) !”

“Going to Pasadena used to be a favorite thing to do, until the traffic got to be too much. I would ride, for sure.”

“Moving forward with the Gold Line extension creates job(s) that stimulate the economy and cleans up our environment of automotive pollution. It also helps solve gridlock.”

“All the great cities have good public transportation systems – except LA. There is no more land to expand freeways but the land for the Gold Line is paid for and ready. It is past time to move ahead.”

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