Year ends with a high note!

Earlier this month, Caltrans approved two essential documents in the progression of Phase 2A and the Iconic Freeway Structure – the Phase 2A (Pasadena to Azusa) Project Study Report/Project Report (PSR/PR) and Type Selection Study. The PSR/PR, a detailed technical document required by Caltrans when working in their right-of-way, was approved for all elements of Phase 2A including construction of the IFS; upgrades to existing bridges, underpasses, and the I-210/I-605 Interchange; conduit laying; fence replacement and other key elements. Caltrans’ “Bridge Type Selection Committee” approved the Authority’s “Type Selection Study” after a substantive meeting in Sacramento with the Authority and the Skanska USA team a few weeks back where they discussed the engineering, technical studies, and preliminary design submitted for the IFS.

These approvals not only keep the IFS on schedule to begin construction next Summer, but also keep the entire Phase 2A alignment on schedule as the Authority prepares to select a design-builder in the coming months.

Progress was also made this month on the critical agreement between Metro and BNSF in which BNSF agrees to relinquish use of the rail right-of-way west of Irwindale and agrees to share the corridor with the Gold Line east of Irwindale. Both parties approved in principle the terms of the agreement. Now their legal counsel is working to draw up the formal documents for signature within the next few weeks. Obtaining this agreement is one of two necessary steps before substantial funding for Phase 2A is transferred to the Construction Authority, so this progress is very good news for the project.

Just a few more things to be grateful for this holiday season.

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