Construction Update and Picture of the Week

IMG_4776 (Large)

These artistic mosaic pavers, designed by Irwindale station artist Robin Brailsford, are currently being installed on the Irwindale station platforms.


  1. Keith says:

    The Arcadia passenger station looks great. I can hardly wait! Goodbye Sierra Madre passenger station…….goodbye car!

  2. Don Bing says:

    As a member of the rail advocacy community, I viewed the new stations in Arcadia, Monrovia, Duarte, Irwindale and Azusa. Am excited to see the opening of the Foothill Gold Line later this year!

    Some questions ….

    1. Where is parking to be located for Duarte, Irwindale, and Azusa?
    2. When the Gold Line is extended further east, will there be a station for Citrus College in Glendora?
    3. What arrangements will be made to assist passengers traveling to Duarte with City of Hope as their destination. It was disappointing to see the Duarte station located at the corner of Highland and Duarte Road, far east of City of Hope’s main entrance. Was hoping for a signaled crosswalk to a City of Hope passenger van station on the south side of Duarte Road.

  3. Albert says:

    Hi Don,

    The parking structure for the Duarte/City of Hope station will be adjacent to the station on Highland Ave. In Irwindale, the parking structure will be on the other side of the Irwindale Ave overpass. The Azusa Downtown station will share a parking structure with Foothill Transit that’s adjacent to the station. The APU/Citrus College station parking structure will be right by the station – and as its name implies, it is right by the Citrus College campus.

    There will indeed be a signal crosswalk, along with a sidewalk, to guide riders and pedestrians from the Duarte/City of Hope station to the City of Hope campus.

    Thank you for the interest!

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